restoration &
wall design

Do you want to embellish your walls with client-tailored artworks or request a restoration of a beloved wall painting?

You finally found what you are looking for.

The artist will work with you 1:1 either in German or English.

wall design

The artist is open for commissioned designs on inside and outside walls. To match your unique requirements, the artist will listen carefully to your needs until the wall is designed in the exact way you were looking for.


This is an example of the work of Verena Bauer. The customer needs was to give the staircase a warm and welcoming feeling with her favourite objects – sunflowers & butterflies.


The process of restoration should be thoughfully conducted and honour the painting which will be repaired.

First, the artist will have a look at the object to get to know it.
Second, the colour scheme will be defined to match the original.
Third, the original will be prepared by carefully cleaning.
Fourth, the restoration progress will be carried out.


previous & after

This is an example of the restoration work of Verena Bauer. The task was to unobtrusively repair the broken areas of a holy chapel painting from 1970.

get your walls restored.

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