Show Courage
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Henri Matisse once said „Creativity takes Courage.“ It´s time for you to show courage through support.

Why? Because the arts must not die. Artists need supporters. I need you.
What´s in for you?
You´ll receive prints for free.

How does it work?
It´s simple & fast.

You choose your favourite idea. Once the idea is brought to life, you will receive your gifts. No matter what support you choose, you will become part of an artwork because YOUR name will be written on the backside of the canvas. Every supporter of the chosen idea will be mentioned on the finished artwork.

Step 1

Choose your favourite idea. All ideas are intellectual property belonging solely to Verena Bauer.

Step 2

Choose your type of support that fits for you.

supporting is always an one-time-deal but you are welcome to support as often as you want.

small support

What will you get?
for 22 EUR support you will receive a signed mini print. Mini prints are 100 mm x 150 mm are numbered but not limited.

medium support

What will you get?
for 55 EUR support you will receive a signed print in mounted Giclée paper 280 mm x 355 mm. Medium support prints are numbered and limited.

big support

What will you get?
for 99 EUR support you will receive a big print in 420 mm x 594 mm Giclée in 180 gsm eco-friendly paper. as well as a print of the sketch in 100 mm x 150 mm. Big support prints are numbered and limited. The sketch print is signed as well and will stay an one-time-only-print.

Why not become a supporter today?

Please be aware that we can only accept payments via PAYPAL!

collect me.

Become a supporter and evolve to a collector.
Collectors will get personally invited and goodies for future events, including early-open access to various art drops such as paintings, merchandise and prints. Collectors will always be held up-to-date and also receive exclusive discounts on purchasing official paintings.
How to become a collector?
By becoming a supporter multiple times.

support, collect and get rewarded.

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