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Painting with a flash of inspiration

This was posted on the artist´s Instagrams in August 2020 to critizise capitalism.

Whether with acrylic, oil paint or other materials: Verena Bauer (20) goes through life with her eyes open – and then puts her experiences on paper.
A full kissing mouth. The human body. Or the eye in all its facets. If you ask Verena Bauer where she gets the inspiration for the motifs of her works, the 20-year-old has to smile: „It’s the flash of inspiration. I go for a walk or do something else and suddenly the idea strikes.“ If that’s the case, the procedure is always the same: „Quickly write it down so that it doesn’t slip my mind!“. The young artist has always been interested in painting – but she was ultimately encouraged to devote herself to it more intensively by a stay in New Zealand. There she also had the pleasure of art lessons. „For a short time, the courage left me because I saw what great people there are in this field.“A break, however, that was short-lived: after graduating from the Handelsakademie Wiener Neustadt, Bauer began „experimenting.“ Bauer, who works with acrylic paints as well as with oil paints or other materials, can be pleased about a lot of response in the social media. „I only started publishing my work and my works on Instagram this year. Many friends reacted with surprise and asked me when I started doing this,“ says Bauer.
Art should „make you think“.
In addition to praise and recognition for her work, the artist is also occasionally confronted with criticism or a lack of understanding. For example, when she uploaded a video to the Instgram platform last year in which a supposed 100-euro bill was burned. She should rather have donated the money, was one comment under the post. Bauer immediately clarified: „I have far too much respect for poverty and the daily work with which money must first be earned and would therefore never destroy real money.“ Much more, she wanted to draw attention to one of her works that shows his such a scene – and to capitalism, which she criticizes: „It should show how much we are often taken by money and how much we actually run after it“ That is also what she likes so much about art in general:“ Art can address things, can shake people up and make them think“. The artist was able to set a milestone just a few weeks ago: Two of her works were shown to an international audience at the „Athens Open Art“ exhibition in the Greek capital. But those who prefer to hold Bauer’s works in their own hands can even order cell phone cases. Meanwhile, Verena Bauer does not yet know one hundred percent where she wants to go professionally, but she knows one thing for sure: „I want to give my life to art!“

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Press article featured in NÖN in August 2021 by Philipp Grabner

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